21 September 2006

A Tip of the Hat

A tip of the hat to Mark Crosby for turning me on to Robert Rosen. He's not another one of these new age cranks, is he? I notice the Wiki link talks about teleology, which evokes a knee-jerk reaction in me whenever I encounter it. I don't see why we can't banish teleological descriptions from biology, describing biological processes as essentially chemical processes. "Chemical A is released, triggering chemical B, etc." Isn't this essentially the way Deleuze describes the unfolding of an egg? I must be missing something. Whatever the case me be, it's nice to know that my intuitions about category theory are shared by others. Is there anything you haven't read Mark?

(Image shamelessly stolen from Nick's Accursed Share. I hope he doesn't mind! Where else was I supposed to find a picture depicting a hat? There was only one rational choice.)


Anonymous Mark Crosby said...

No Rosen is not a new-age crank (although some of his followers might lean in that direction ;) Search on Rosen Enterprises or go directly to
http://rosen-enterprises.com/RobertRosen/biotheorylaunch.html for articles and most of the text from Rosen's out-of-print book ANTICIPATORY SYSTEMS. Also check out Don Mikulecky's Complexity theory site. You might also be interested in BIOSEMIOTICS, including people such as John Collier at http://www.nu.ac.za/undphil/collier and Stan Salthe at http://www.nbi.dk/~natphil/salthe/ (both of whom are very Peircean ;)

September 22, 2006 4:00 PM  

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