10 September 2006


s0metim3s dug up this interview with Sylvere Lotringer, one of the founders of Semiotexte, which resonates nicely with my rant about Deleuzian scholarship and Jodi Dean's recent dicussion of the role of masters in theory over at Long Sunday. Quite a catch. It pretty much sums up the difference between engaged theory and theory as a commodity or church.

Lotringer: The name-of-the-author (of any gender) has replaced the name-of-the-father famously coined by Jacques Lacan.


Anonymous Craig said...

Making a slightly different point in relation to the word "Machiavellian," Lefort speaks of "the decapitation of the name." It's a nice image. His phrase is certainly a joke in reference to Lacan.

September 10, 2006 1:49 PM  

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