12 December 2006

Jobs and the Desire of the Other

Well I just discovered that I've landed interview number 2 at one of the schools I desire to be at most. It's a well known liberal arts college that has a thriving philosophy department. Looking over my post on Ian Lustick's book, I've noticed that there's been an evolution of my thinking on this blog. There I was concerned about the possibility of breaking from systems, history, and power. Since September I've increasingly examined how networks and movements are formed, the fragility of social organization, and how history is used to create openings of possibility in the present. Perhaps I have a research orientation after all. I'm all atwitter with excitement.



Anonymous N. Pepperell said...

Congratulations! (And of course you have a research orientation... ;-P) As always, all the best...

December 12, 2006 1:25 PM  

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