19 October 2006


The bugbears of blogger seem to have deleted a portion of my last diary due to a Lacanian matheme the system interpreted as an open tag... Or perhaps I unwittingly placed it under erasure myself without being aware of doing so?

Why then, if we suffer our phantasy and desire do we have them at all? The phantasy sustains my desire. If I actively seek out situations in which I might be humiliated, denegrated, or ignored, then this is so I can continuously trod on through the snow like Joseph K., perpetually seeking to disprove the Other, to demonstrate to the Other that I am not nothing. As Lacan argues, desire desires to desire. The point is not to capture the object of desire, but to perpetually re-enact the scene of desire organized within the frame of phantasy. The Other must be found indifferent so that I might commence my journey to the Castle yet again.


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